Willie McFarland Racing


Willie McFarland Racing


You can’t lose! Well you can but I am confident that I will continually produce profits for you and me whilst, there is nothing in it for me unless I make a profit. I operate on an odds to losers deductible basis. You are not paying anything unless you win money. This is unique. For further details please see the shop page.


I rode professionally as a National Hunt Jockey for 14 years, riding for many of the top trainers then and now. Since retiring in 1998 I have provided a successful advisory service. Many people have profited from this making a lot of money and many more are able to make a second income from betting on horses, testament to this is the majority of my current clients have been with me since the last millennium.


My aim is to maximise my winning potential, concentrating on a select number of horses and races provides me with a betting edge. There will be the inevitable frustrating runs which everyone or every computer system will  endure but with years of betting experience and proven methods you find your
equilibrium. Like any successful bettor I have had numerous accounts closed or
restricted to laughable amounts. I used Betfair at times until I qualified for
the disgraceful Premium Charge (copy available on Testimonial tab) this is an

extra charge which effects less than 0.5% of the millions of people who use Betfair (usually in-running players using fast pictures - I don't play in-running) so that avenue has also been slammed shut in my face. As one door closes another one opens! As they say.


Bettors/punters expectations - would you deposit £1000 in a high interest rate account and expect at the end of a 12 month period that £1000 is now £5000?  - NO - that however seems to be the expectations of many and yet another reason why people fail to make money from betting on horses. We are all looking for that life changing bet (which can be achieved) the reality is hours toiling over form and DVD replays endless phone calls regarding horses well-being and then the price we are prepared to stake our hard earned cash. Two of my current clients have had bets which have changed their lives and whilst I have had several decent 5 figure wins the 6 or even 7 figure winner has thus far eluded me (I have gone agonisingly close to many times for comfort).


*Please be aware the horse in the above photo was unharmed and went on to win more races.