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  • 10/11/14 11 November 2014 | Comments (0)

    I don't really know how this is going to pan out but will do my best to keep it updated, hopefully informative and most importantly profitable.

    Due to the present workload I wasn't able to post today's bet and the reasons behind it. After a frustrating few days it was a winner. Shouldavboughtgold £125 win @ 11/4 & 5/2 sp. 5/2. Shouldavboughtgold was a horse we bet @ Southwell last year when I thought he should have won as had been the case on his previous run @ Wetherby to be fair to Jonathan England you wouldn't have expected him to pull up so dramatically in front. He did a similar thing @ Southwell. James Reveley rode an extemely confident race over CD on his previous race, the horse looked like & I think it did let him down when he asked for an effort but I don't think he was suited by getting no light down the inside late on. He looked the most talented horse & the best handicapped however, I fully expected him to be held up & delivered late but he got into a great rythmn was in front a longway out & whilst Whats Up Woody didn't give his running I think he would have won anyway. As for the future that will depend as it does so often on the handicapper because the fact remains as to how much resolute he is against better horses.

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